Combine the blockchain, ownership and artificial intelligence, to invest inteligently

What is to day

For investors around the world, real estate has long been considered a significant and stable source of return. The popularity of real estate investments is undeniable given the annual global transaction volume of around 660 billion US dollars, a figure that is constantly increasing. Overall, the total wealth stored in the real estate sector is estimated at trillions of dollars.

Generally, large amounts of capital are required to invest in real estate with the aim of achieving an above-average return on investment to the point that this activity is beyond the reach of most people. Even for those investors who have the necessary capital, conventional methods of investing in real estate are full of inefficiency and disadvantages.
First, in addition to paying different intermediaries for their services, the many whims of local regulation and taxation make it difficult for individual investors to make reasonable returns. Second, real estate investments are relatively illiquid, which means that the capital invested is not easily accessible in the short term. Third, real estate is by nature a local business, an obstacle that many investors fail to take into consideration. Local market knowledge is essential to gain access to a high quality business flow. Without the knowledge of the specific conditions and constraints of a given location, the potential for return on investment is severely limited while the risk rises. This puts investors in the feared position of obtaining lower yields at higher risk.

What do we do addresses these issues by using the blockchain technology of Ethereum-based smart contracts and applying industry experts along with specialized local knowledge.

Essentially RE121 is a platform that allows real estate experts to use the BlockChain technology developed by RE121 for their projects by listing their properties on the RE121 database, which will save time for processing transactions and saving transaction costs. The BlockChain technology incorporated in the proprietary RE121 database is, in effect, very similar to a tool that will help promote sales of listed properties while providing full transparency and savings to buyers – with the clear difference that investors will receive value for the their money invested in RE20 from the profits made by the RE20 project.

The RE121 platform is designed to be fully scalable. This will allow you to buy and sell any type of property, participate in shares in business activities, auctions and finance projects.

Taking advantage of the power of fractional ownership, any property or business can be divided into blocks of different sizes. Anyone who has the opportunity to buy these blocks, but there are only a limited number available for each property, once owned there will be a monthly return on profit that is directly proportional to the size of the block in which you invested (fractional ownership).

How does it work


Browse the map and search the property until you find what you would like to invest. View all statistics, monthly returns, documents and property history.

Decide how many blocks and the value of each block you would like to invest.


Earn a monthly return on your blocks without hidden costs and real transparency. Rental income payments and any appreciation of the property are taken into account in your monthly return.


Ownership, entrepreneurial activities, auctions and investments are stored immutably and in a decentralized way on the Ethereum blockchain. This means that your transactions are transparent and secure.


Payment is made by RE20 token on our platform for the exchange of Smart Contracts. At any time you can change your tokens with any FIAT currency or coin


Our system is hybrid. You will have your private key gives you full control of your resources and your payments on the platform.


P2P EXCHANGE You can sell and buy your blocks (shares) through our platform directly with the seller or buyer. You set the selling price of your blocks.

customer care

The platform has an active customer service 24H on 24H. This allows anyone to be able to use the platform in a safe and simple way and receive assistance if needed


Track your payments and investments through our online platform or mobile app

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The RE121 is developing an economic system based on the blockchain applied to real estate. Any involvement in the project declares you a partner in the project based on the support.

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