How to support our project

RE121 is a start-up that develops software in Reale Estate, fintech and Proptech

Two closely related sectors, on the one hand the IT sector and on the other the real estate sector.

The real estate sector is coordinated by property management and the purchase and sale of property. The IT sector is coordinated by an expert with experience in software programming, smart contracts and blockchains. Both sectors find the union in our star-up: RE121.

Today we design and develop Fintech products and we are creating our own project that will revolutionize the world of economics.


Cryptocurrencies and digital money, ICOs (Initial Coin Offer) Blockchain technologies, not only Bitcoin, but also Ethereum.


The DLT (distributed ledger technology) or data archives whose records are public on a computer network, and without the need for a central register.

Smart contract

Smart Contract, (often using the blockchain) programs that automatically execute contracts between buyers and sellers.

Api support

Open banking, supported by the blockchain applications that create a service through a connected network of financial institutions and third-party suppliers.


Computer security, through or decentralized storage of data, and anti-fraud systems

Web development

we design and create web projects, web marketing, advertising campaigns

How to support RE121

We are trying to create a very ambitious project, to create a real economy. To do this we need an important initial capital.

domenico b

Domenico Romano

giovanni b

Giovanni Di Stasi

valerio b

Valerio Catullo

IT Manager and software developer