RE121 al F10 Hackaton 22 al 24 Marzo a Zurigo

27th March 2019 RE121 0 Comments

From March 22nd to 24th in Zurich the Hackathon was held, organized by the F10 company specializing in incubators and accelerators for start-ups. We immediately want to congratulate the organization team. perfect !!
Designers, business women, bankers, financial experts, software developers met to propose to bankers and entrepreneurs their innovative ideas.
140 participants responded, of which 31% were females, 44% of developers and 56% of professionals.
The challenge was to propose an innovative solution and develop a prototype in just 48 hours.
RE121, a software and application developer based on blockchain technology, proposed a dasboard that allowed, with a simple click, to create a non-fungible token and associate it with a production robot.
The application wanted to highlight one of the many and possible models of application of this technology.
In Manga style, the presentation of the project was done with a video that was divided into two parts:
The first part hypothesized a hypothetical futuristic scenario;
The second part highlighted how everything was possible in our days with the demonstration of the operation of the dasboard.
A small project that fits perfectly into the study and development of the definitive platform that the RE121 is developing.
LA RE121 is looking for entrepreneurs who want to invest in technology in the near future, for a free demonstration you can request a demonstration appointment send an e-mail to:

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